about minerva media co.

Being a “content creator” doesn’t mean you’re selling out to a description of a “Bachelor” contestant. It’s actually a way to communicate what you’re all about and share your passion with other neighbors who could be jazzed about what you’re creating.

We bring more than a decade of expertise in content that performs, and we can help you develop the skills and strategy to connect with your potential and existing customer base.

Here’s a quick rundown about content strategy coaching from Minerva Media Co.

Look beyond the buzzwords: Content marketing is about building relationships

Content marketing is the OG term for what it means to strategically use content like blog posts, ‘grams and search engine optimization to get people to buy what you’re selling.

But really, you can throw all the best keywords into a piece of content, but if you don’t have a solid strategy of who you want to engage with consistently, it’s not going to work.

Minerva Media Co. coaching helps you develop a solid plan for sustainable engagement and hone your skills to effectively build relationships through storytelling that’s authentic to you.

Who are you, anyway?

I’m Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen, the founder of Minerva Media Co. Before launching Minerva, I was an editor at news organizations including USA TODAY, the Palm Springs, Calif., Desert Sun, and the Des Moines Register. My expertise includes audience, digital and social media strategy, live storytelling coaching and IRL events. You can read more than you’d ever want to know at sarahdayowen.com.

How much does it cost?

We build custom quotes based off of your needs. By listening to your business goals and objectives first, it creates the opportunity for a more meaningful investment. After we meet, I’ll build a quote for the needs identified and send it your way.

If you’re not ready for a custom investment, you can opt for a title sponsorship of the Raleigh Convergence, a designated sponsor message space in the weekly newsletter, which comes with an hour consulting to craft a message with impact for local subscribers.

Looking for something quick? We offer local business classifieds for promoting actionable events of value for Convergence subscribers, priced at $60 for 140 characters, in a self-service portal. All messages are subject to approval and are due by 5 p.m. Monday before the following Wednesday evening newsletter. (It’s about the price of a Facebook ad, but you’re supporting a locally owned and operated biz!)

Can I buy editorial space or influence in the Raleigh Convergence?

NOPE. But we’re happy to point you toward our designated sponsor space or small biz classifieds! (And check out our values page, too).

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