I’m going through a season of massive change, both personally and professionally. 

I made the difficult decision to close the chapter for Raleigh Convergence, which you can read more here, after a meaningful three years. I also had my second child in late 2021.

Since closing Raleigh Convergence, I’ve spent some time thinking big picture about what’s next. 

There are some books and resources that have inspired me while navigating this change, so I have them linked here (note: I may receive affiliate commission if purchased through Amazon). 

Rising Strong

I’m fortunate enough to have a group chat of good friends who are always cheering me on (that could be a bullet point in itself!). That group of women sent me this book, Rising Strong. It reminded me that we often spend less time telling the stories of failures and misses.

Low points and failures are often the short transition points in the hero’s journey tale of success, Brené writes. This book talks about really going through it and learning to rise, versus the short glossing over of a moment.

Say Yes: Discover the Surprising Life Beyond the Death of a Dream

Perhaps the most specific to my experience and faith tradition, this book by Scott Erickson is the most meaningful thing I’ve read in at least a decade. I’d especially recommend it to those who spend a lot of time thinking about how career and purpose intersect.

The reading of this book made me rethink my assumptions on failure, purpose, success and worthiness. Better yet, it made me define what success looks like now.

Robin Arzón’s Peloton classes

OK, I do not actually have a Peloton bike. That is a budget stretch goal! What I do have is a $135 Facebook Marketplace exercise bike and a subscription to the Peloton app. You might not find me on the leaderboard, but you might see my ‘sdowonwheels’ name taking one of Robin’s classes.

Robin’s classes are physically challenging (though recognizing your own “boundaries are sexy”) and self-worth affirming. She’s a queen of reinvention who left a career in law before becoming Peloton’s lead instructor.

Here’s a 60-day guest pass for the app, if you’re interested.

Humble Quest

The title track to Maren Morris’ latest album is a must-listen to anyone who is navigating stepping into their purpose.

The Future Does Not Fit in the Containers of the Past

Rishad Tobaccowala’s newsletter is a source of regular inspiration. This recent newsletter, Time Passages, made me think about how I value my own time.

As for me, I still don’t know what’s next in in full, but in the meantime, I’ve enjoyed some rewarding project work that reminded me of all the skills I can share to make an impact on the community and the world. 

PS: If you’re looking for help with a project related to journalism, content strategy, audience growth, sponsorships, storytelling or other content needs, I have some availability now and I’d love to chat. You can see more on my revamped (but lo-fi) website.