The best newsletter tools for your small business

It’s no surprise I’m a fan of email newsletters — I started Raleigh Convergence as a free newsletter before expanding to a website; I’ve worked on local to national newsletter concepts in my career before my leap into entrepreneurship, too.  Company newsletters, or brand newsletters, are powerful in their ability to connect consistently and buildContinue reading “The best newsletter tools for your small business”

Workshop: Voice + storytelling for startups!

I believe in small businesses. In startups. In local innovators.  I feel lucky enough to be a part of this special, supportive, Raleigh community, and I believe when people bring their whole selves to the community’s metaphorical table, it makes a difference. That’s why I’m offering virtual workshops to share lessons and skills I’ve developedContinue reading “Workshop: Voice + storytelling for startups!”

Your enneagram and content creation hangups

What is your enneagram type and how does it play into your work life? I’m a big believer in the enneagram, and as I was thinking about creating a launch guide, I was really thinking about how different personalities might run into challenges.  Here’s my guess, by type: ✨Type 1: Must have all the contentContinue reading “Your enneagram and content creation hangups”

A new guide for communicating through a pandemic

If your business plan just went out the window after COVID-19 began affecting our communities, you’re not alone. One of the ways I want to serve you is to continue to produce resources that will help you get by and worry a little less about making sure your bases are covered.  It’s with that in mind thatContinue reading “A new guide for communicating through a pandemic”

How to write a press release (link)

Check out my latest advice for, how to pitch to the media in 7 steps. In the post, you’ll learn: How to tailor your pitch to the right reporter or editor How to find the best organization for your story When it’s time to outsource media relations How to get your story told again