Learn to create better newsletters.

After more than a decade of helping others share their stories, here’s something I know for sure…

Newsletters are critical for building relationships with your community, audience and potential customers!

That’s why I’m sharing what I’ve learned in an upcoming workshop to help entrepreneurs, small businesses and other ambitious professionals who want to create better newsletters.

When you sign up for this valuable workshop from Minerva Media Co., you’ll walk away with skills and strategies including…

  • How to set up a shareable, on-brand newsletter in Mailchimp.
  • How to use free tools to level up your design, including specific sizes that work best.
  • 5 content strategies that will transform your newsletter to a must-read.
  • Options for other platforms that are right for you.
  • This virtual event will be over Zoom at 1 p.m. Sept. 28!