Workshop: Voice + storytelling for startups!

I believe in small businesses. In startups. In local innovators. 

I feel lucky enough to be a part of this special, supportive, Raleigh community, and I believe when people bring their whole selves to the community’s metaphorical table, it makes a difference.

That’s why I’m offering virtual workshops to share lessons and skills I’ve developed along my journey as an editor, content strategist, entrepreneur and storytelling coach. 

The first workshop is aimed at startups and entrepreneurs and it’s on Monday! 

From 1-2 p.m. ET on Zoom, in a small-group setting, we’ll workshop: 

Creating an engaging brand voice: You’ll walk away with a worksheet that describes who you are to your target audiences.

Telling your story: Your “About” page is crucial. Transform it from a bland description (or list of headshots) with storytelling! We’ll workshop the components of a story — and what to avoid. 

Don’t miss out on this transformative $30 workshop!

*update: this workshop is now closed!*

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