Your enneagram and content creation hangups

What is your enneagram type and how does it play into your work life?

I’m a big believer in the enneagram, and as I was thinking about creating a launch guide, I was really thinking about how different personalities might run into challenges. 

Here’s my guess, by type:

✨Type 1: Must have all the content perfect on the website before launch!

✨Type 2: Will this story mix be best received by a wide audience?

✨Type 3: Creates an unrealistic set of goals but gets caught up on creating the BEST EVER launch (hi, this my type!)

✨Type 4: Loves the creative process, but gets caught up on pressing the publish button

✨Type 5: Is researching all the things first

✨Type 6: Is working so hard, but feeling anxious about their content.

✨Type 7: Loves content! But also there are so many other exciting elements to launch just needs a roadmap.

✨Type 8: Is reading this whole post skeptically.

✨Type 9: Needs some motivation to spark the process. 

OK, this post is just for fun — I’m definitely not an expert in the enneagram! But I *am* an expert in content strategy, storytelling and editing. 

That’s why I thought about all of these different types of personalities and how they might be helped by my *free* launch guide! In it, I break down the five pieces of content you need to launch that business, initiative, idea or project.

Get the guide, then respond with your enneagram!

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