A new Minerva Media Co. look and direction

Growing up, my summers always included a trip to my grandparents’ beach house. 

It wasn’t fancy. But that little yellow house — which always smelled of sand, Hawaiian Tropic and bacon omelets — felt like summer as soon as I stepped in the door. 

Inside, my grandfather usually had a puzzle going on one of the tables. 

Like everything that happened at the beach house, it was done at a leisurely pace, after trips to the beach but before dinnertime and card games.

Piece by piece, the islands of puzzle pieces widened and the edges stretched to the center.

Somehow the slow process in the background suddenly seemed done in the blink of an eye, the picture in focus. 

I’ve been thinking about time lately, and how it works on a different schedule these days. It’s moved both slow and fast for me, and maybe you too.

I’ve been quieter here, working in the background on the puzzle of what’s next for Minerva Media Co. This summer, the pieces of my past experiences, the things that get me up in the morning, my skills and values have come together in a clearer picture for the future.

I’m excited to finally share what I’ve been working on!

I’m overhauling the brand and services to be more in line with what local businesses, innovators, marketers and nonprofit professionals need now. 

As a content strategist, longtime editor, experienced trainer, community-minded leader and entrepreneur, I’m focusing squarely on my areas of expertise.

I didn’t start my own company to retain the status quo. I started Minerva Media Co. to transform the content industry.

With this new direction, I’m putting the skills of storytelling and better content creation in the hands of people in my community.

Here’s what that looks like: 

✨ Workshops: Virtual (at least for now!) trainings will help you tackle your biggest content challenges, on topics from finding your brand voice for startups to crafting your story for small business. [read more]

✨ Content strategy templates: From launch roadmaps to quarterly content planners, these content strategy templates will guide you through key moments for content in your business. Look for these to go on sale soon!

✨ Limited custom content strategy consulting will continue to be available, but for a small number of clients. 

I’m thrilled to share this news with you. I’ll continue to share more details, on-sale dates, free guides and more on my email list. Sign up so you don’t miss out! 

–Sarah Day, founder of Minerva Media Co.

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