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Hi there, Sarah Day here, Minerva Media Co.’s founder. I have some big news that I’m so excited to share today:

Minerva Media Co. is hosting our first live course, June 10th at 1 p.m. EST!

Here’s why: Many of the strategies that I’ve developed along the way — as a publisher, a live storytelling coach and as a content strategist — are turnkey strategies anyone can take and improve their content planning, process and storytelling.

Right now, we all need an easy button and a blueprint to doable, effective changes.

And that’s exactly what this new live course will deliver:

  • The basic recommendations I make to all my clients around content planning.
  • The DNA of a good story and what three signature stories every business should know how to tell.
  • Which platforms are worth your time — and which you should stop wasting your valuable time on.  

This LIVE and interactive webinar will be on June 10 at 1 p.m. At $20, you’re getting the basic blueprint for content strategy at a fraction of the hourly rate. 

Are you in?

–Sarah Day

Not sure you’re ready to take the leap? Sign up for the free guide to communicating during the pandemic.

Published by Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen

Founder, Minerva Media Co., Publisher & Editor of the Raleigh Convergence.

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