What is content strategy and how does it work with branding?

So you have a solid brand. One with a strong visual identity, voice, values and target audience.

But that’s just the beginning in the big picture of modern storytelling strategies!

Building a strong brand can lay the foundation for a strong content strategy — but you need both to truly build and grow relationships with your target audience.

If branding is the *what* and the *who*, content strategy is the *how.*

Here are three ways content strategy works with branding:

A good content strategy includes communication and engagement plans for different segments of your target audience.

For a small business, that might look like prospective customers and customers segmented by loyalty.

For nonprofits, that might look like major donors, current donors, first-time donors, volunteers and donor prospects.

A good content strategy tells stories that show, not just tell, the value of your brand.

Through using the ‘personality’ of your brand, effective content strategy shows target audiences how your organization solved a problem for a similar customer or brought value to their life.

For mission-driven businesses, good content strategies show results or how a real person’s life was changed by what that organization does.

A good content strategy is dynamic, while a brand can be static.

When goal-setting for the year, content strategies should align and support those goals, adjusting to actual results from projected results.

Content strategy keeps your brand message strong and moving forward to authentically connect with the audience you want to reach.

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