Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen is an independent journalist, consultant and strategist.

Here’s the TL;DR version of what I do:

I work primarily with journalism, content or mission-driven organizations doing work like this:

Digital and social audit and analysis 

Newsletter strategies

Community engagement strategy, including: Community listening strategies, user-centered design processes, surveys and interviews.

In-person and virtual events

First-person storytelling coaching

Building sponsorships for events, social and nontraditional products

Writing and complementary multimedia (photography, video, audio)

Editing and other content leadership services

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But there’s more to my story.

I’m a local news optimist, a community doer, a parent and a believer that the future of journalism is being rewritten now.

I’m freshly off closing the chapter on three years of Raleigh Convergence, a hyperlocal newsletter/digital publication/community storytelling organization that I founded.

Now, I’m ready to make a greater impact. One of those ways is by helping others with the skills I’ve learned along the way, about newsletters, community listening, social and digital engagement.

My depth of experience includes writing, editing, training and strategy, including at USA Today, The (Palm Springs, Calif.) Desert Sun, Des Moines Register and The Augusta Chronicle.

Talk over virtual coffee? Email or book a time here to chat.